One of the most influential electronic bands decided to set the ground for their new album with a live event in Berlin. Yello’s new album ‘Toy’ will be released in September and stakes are high for this one. Their latest studio work ‘Touch Yello’ (2009) was accompanied by the famous virtual ‘live’ appearance at Cologne where the innovative artists didn’t appear on stage until the event was over. Boris Blank and Dieter Meier are back with a 4-day show in October (26, 28, 29 and 30/10) at Kraftwerk Berlin. The 2 days originally announced were sold out the exact same day so they decided to extend the event. Entrance fee was set at 60€ but since the 2 extra days are also sold out, double the original price is now considered reasonable for a single ticket at the black market.

The fact that the Swiss oldsters have never performed live before raises their fans’ expectations so everyone felt pleased when the duo promised to include their old hits in their tracklist along with the promotion of their new album. Having said that, get ready for some serious electro-synth overdose from the knowledgeable, nasty, expert in the game’

Oooooooh, yeah!

Thomas Gounaropoulos