It is the year 2002 on planet Earth, the boundary stone in modern Electronic Body Music (EBM)when visionaire captains launched their ships in sequence, leading the armada in good will to imagine a better world, using advanced tools to illuminate the dark matter. Three Motherships : Apoptygma Berzerk’s ‘Harmonizer‘, VNV Nation’s ‘Futureperfect‘, Covenant’s ‘Northern Light, all in the same year, shocked the electronic universe and took the dancefloors by storm. EBM expanded into the never-look-back-again trip. Symphonic based chords and new age melodies  take on, while the rhythm engine updates its core and the vocals sing the stories and the expectations on a different world. ‘Harmonizer‘ takes off guided by 9 (classic, now) anthems, out of 11 in the first release. ‘More Serotonin…Please‘, ‘Suffer In Silence‘, ‘Unicorn‘, ‘Until The End Of The World‘, ‘Rollergirl, ‘O.K. AMP – Let Me Out‘, ‘Pikachu‘, ‘Spindizzy, are still in the quiver of the electro DJ. EBM music of the highest quality, seeding Future Pop, aiming directly to the body and the soul of the voyager whose journey is ecstatic and amazing, through galaxies of melodies, constellations of brand new heavy electro-riffs and heartfelt lyrics, on a ship of the most powerful engines. Remember the track ‘Unicorn‘, the heavy, pounding EBM classic with the unforgettable refrain “You see, you see what can’t be seen, you repair the damage done to me”. Shift to ‘Until The End Of The World‘, Future Pop and angry love “…I cry out loud but you hear nothing”. ‘O.K. AMP – Let Me Out‘…new polished electro engineering, a structure for the new comers to inherit. Mothership ‘Harmonizer‘ followed the ‘Welcome To Earth‘ release in 2000 that also gave us 3 classic anthems, ‘Starsign‘, ‘Eclipse‘, Kathy’s Song.

Music makers never understand, while working in the studio, the real impact that their music will make once it is released and in the future…’Harmonizer vanished in space, but remains among the most influential LP’s in electro music, remembered with gratitude and an open heart. If you look carefully in the inlay of ‘Harmonizer‘, you will find it’s honest and brave statement : Some vintage drum loops, four synthesizers and two drunken Norwegians, No Sequences! That says a lot about how that LP was designed and why it sounds so warm. Later on APB changed their music style into a less imaginery alternative electro-rock, but most of the fans in electro music, still remember and recall what happened in the year 2002 on planet earth. EBM became the vessel to sheer apocalypse… 

Mike Dimitriou