The psychedelic folk /Ethiopian jazz quintet  from Brooklyn Woods will release their upcoming new album on April 21st via their own record label Woodsist. They have already shared the self-titled track of their ‘Love Is Love‘. The new album was born out of their feelings and their contradicting thoughts about the recent US presidential election result and was written in the following two months.

As it is mentioned in the label’s Soundcloud channel, the album wasn’t written and recorded only out of anger but was mostly meant to give hope of what could be the next day, to be a quintessence of love, to demonstrate love’s value in these hard days. And to show off how all the above can stand up against of all the negative emotions,  despite all the difficult circumstances, like the one facing right now.

Love Is Love Tracklist:

  1. Love Is Love
  2. Bleeding Blue
  3. Lost In A Crowd
  4. Spring Is In The Air
  5. I Hit That Drum
  6. Love Is Love (Sun On Time)

Eleftheria Gesou