Earlier this month, the cold wave duo from Rome announced their new release on their bandcamp page where you can listen and order their 7 track LP, ‘Human Taxonomy‘, on digital download; there is also a limited CD pack available of 1000 copies only.

It looks like Simona Ferrucci and Alessandra Romeo are in very creative shape. They make dark wave music that becomes more and more interesting as time goes by— proof of that being their new exciting release. ‘Human Taxonomy‘ is grey, melodic and very well arranged as a complete release, as there is nothing missing; all is placed carefully and in order.

Winter Severity Index have proved in their short, so far, career that they are aware and capable of composing and arranging music, making their songs more than interesting. They have only been releasing their work since 2010 (self-titled and released EP), but they have managed to become a big name in the cold wave genre.

We ought to inform their fans that the first preview of the new album was in Wave Gothic Treffen-Leipzig on 15th  May, an honourable live gig in one of the biggest festivals in Europe.


Mike Dimitriou