In the recent years, techno scene sees more and more the use of modular system, enriching the sound and the unpredictability of compositions. Throughout this panorama, Vlaysin grows loudly; an eclectic artist with superb techno sound coming from industrial veils, where basses become incredible rhythmic motors.

Today we have the pleasure of talking with him and therefore getting to know his art better.

How did Vlaysin project come to life?

I had already been producing techno music since 2007 and playing gigs since 2009. I was working with software only though and I started to get bored at some point. As my interest for hardware instruments and modules was growing I decided to start having a closer look at gear and buy my first pieces which was a Tempest, an Analog Four and a small modular system. After some time practicing and adding stuff to the setup I felt I was shaping a new sound, still techno but sounding rawer, faster and with stronger bones if you know what I mean. The overall feeling was definitely different so I decided to launch this new project Vlaysin. I also needed to start something new and build from the ground again. Renew myself.

Why did you choose modules?

I’ve chosen modules to produce music because I found it was very fascinating. A crazy wide range of possibilities and so much inspiration. So many paths you can go through. I love the fact you can build your very own system and just fulfill your needs. I also love making experimental music and modules are insane for that.

The spaceship sci-fi feeling probably has something to do with it too haha!

Working with these instruments is never trivial, especially recreating the various patches that give you your fantastic sound. Tell us about your way of composing.

My way of composing is actually very intuitive. I usually start creating drums or/and samples patterns, then when I use my modular I just start patching stuff as it comes, see how it sounds and works with the drums and other patterns I’ve written, and I just start playing with it all in a kind of live way and this is how it usually comes. Experimentation and workout. Then I just press play and record the whole thing into a track. I make some processing and arrangements afterwards but I like to stick to the live feeling recording as much as possible. I like the energy that usually comes out of it.

A great curiosity is about your influences. Which genres are most glorious and above all of the artists….

Drumcell had a big influence on me. He’s the one that first put me in front of a modular system in an actual «hardware studio» which is quite something when you see how I make music today. He also supported me a lot in my “earlier” years which brought me a lot and his huge talent can only be a great inspiration.

If I had to mention a second artist I would say Perc. His sound is very unique and his first album (as well as the following ones) blown my mind away and probably had me have a different sight on my own music and what path I wanted to go through.

And among the non-techno influences?

I’ve got various influences. I’m a big hip hop fan I must say. Especially 90’s US hip hop. Wu-Tang Clan above everything else probably. But I also love so many other music genres. Electro is a big one for me but I also like house, reggae, experimental, rock, pop, classical and so many others.. that would be too long to mention artists. I’m not exactly sure about how all this impacts on my music and if it actually all does but it’s all what makes me I guess.

Talk to us about your collaboration with Tiptop Audio Records and ALEHA HAFTA.

I first got in touch with Piero at Tiptop Audio Records (which btw was a modular brand I already used and loved for some years) through Emiliano whose artist names are Avenir and PureData. He asked me for a remix for his EP together with Restivo that came out last year on the label. I really loved the way Piero works and manages the label so I just kept contact and some time later we started talking about my own EP on the label and I sent him some demos. That’s how it happened. Quite friendly and naturally which is great.

A very big curiosity of mine is the way you prepare your live shows. Is it a secret or can you share with us some info?

I’m writing music on different machines like my Tempest, Octatrack, Analog 4 etc and just putting everything together when playing. I’ve got my modular case too of course with some drums and VCOs that I mainly use to write stuff on the fly while playing. Something I really wished when I started this live project was to be able to play a different live set every time I play a gig or even at the studio. To unfold stuff out and even surprise myself is a great feeling and it works pretty well so far so I’m happy !


About upcoming tours and collaborations?

I’ve got a few EPs and remixes coming out soon, mainly from September to November, but unfortunatly I can’t really talk about them yet. Tourwise I’ve got upcoming gigs in Berlin, Paris, Lyon and more to be announced soon. This has been a busy year so far with incredible live moments.

I’ve got something going on with fellow artist and friend Lag as well, but can’t really say much once again!

Last question or better request. Choose your preferred words to wish a wonderful summer music for your fans and readers!

Please don’t listen to tech house because it’s summer. Enjoy the sun ! 😉

Really Big Thanks!

Enjoy Vlaysin, Enjoy techno.

Antonio Cristofaro