VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Christof R Davis – The Owl and The Dark

Ambient/cinematic neoclassical at its very best taken from award nominated composer Christof R Davis’ forthcoming EP ‘The Tree and The Moon’…

Donnie Franko – Eyes Low (Feat. Lenz Wan & Press1)

An addictive hip-hop banger by the London-based rapper Donnie Franko will grab your attention with the competent rapping and some highly addictive bars…

Tiger Tungs – Toosh Manalore

An elegant blend of art pop, kraut and ethnic treasure with tribal elements by the unique collective Tiger Tungs…

yar – Cold Caller

A hard-hitting electro/dark wave opus by Los Angeles based duo yar, coming straight from the “80s time capsule”! A phlegmatic view on the “American dream”….

Ringfinger – Chamber of Roses

Canadian dark wave/post punk duo Richfinger contibnue to amze us with their dark artistry and their super addictive ‘Chamber of Roses’ is a must-listen for fans of Sisters of Mercy & Clan of Xymox. Turn the lights off and…dance ’til dawn…

Carrie Biell – Ash in the Sky (Feat. Carl Germain)

A luscious indie folk song with elusive vocals which is “about holding onto what was beautiful instead of what may have been hurtful and overshadowing at the end”. 

Guild Theory – Leave Those Shores Behind

Patient listeners will get fully rewarded with Guild Theory’s altrnative rock slow-burner with a remarkable, emotive build-up… On endless repeat!

Aroshanti – To the Moon & Back

A harmonious ethnic/ambeint ear-candy by the British artist Aroshanti, ideal for meditation and precious moments of tranquility…

The Kofrim – My Wife Would Remember

A stunning chamber/art pop song by the Trans-Atlantic rock duo The Kofrim (Nir Doron, vocalist & keyboard player lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Yigal Petreanu, vocalist & rhythm guitarist lives in Boston, MA.) taken from their 2022’s album ‘Commentology’… 

CMP3 –

A 10-minute, experimental, drone odyssey by the Swedish, multi-instrumentalist artist CMP3, created for the digital gallery Ellipse Space

Christos Doukakis