VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Dub Boat  – Sonar

A superb, instrumental, dub-reggae treat with an unforgettable, “killer” trumpet by up-and-coming Dub Boat. Welcome on board…

Pivnoy Cowboy – Дымка

Unmissable for those who dig Molchat Doma.. A dreamy, post punk anthem by the solo project of Moscow-born multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Zimin…

Industrial Nature – Psychedelic Cadillac

A 7-minute, mystic electronica, ‘trip’ New Zealand’s Industrial Nature (Nunace & Bobby Stingray collaboration)

Galaxy of Night – OUT OF YOUR REACH

“Out of your reach. Secretly falling. Down in the water. Deep and deeper”. A “made in Cologne”, new wave/synth-pop treasure with an ascension to heaven after the 2nd minute… Stunning!

Hotspit – Obsessive Care

High time for some guitars and lush harmonies, with the debut ear-candy by the U.S. indie rock outfit Hotspit

Beige Banquet – Cold Yoghurt

A Devo-esque, post punk/garage rock gem by newly formed Brit band Beige Banquet… Smashing!

Twin Ritual – Metaphor

San Diego’s Twin Ritual are gifting us with their latest, highly addictive, anthemic single ‘Metaphor’. No resistance!

Rico Bowen – For you…Astrid

A sultry, acoustic soul ballad by Rico Bowen with some heartfelt lyrics…

The Harts Industry – The Day is Pale (Live session)

A moody slow-burner by French indie rock outfit The Harts Industry, is more than ideal for the endless days of lockdown….

Aalson – Failure

«The idea behind this release is that failure often has a positive outcome for the development of something or someone. That it’s the best way to understand your actions and to distinguish the bad from the good. Through self-analysis, our failures always allow us to apprehend what didn’t work and why it didn’t. That’s why the best way to overcome failure is to dare…” Aalson

Christos Doukakis