VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Stevie Zita – Neon Niko

A shoegaze/surf rock gem for sensitive hearts by Stevie Zita 

Joey Sandak – Chanel & Smoke

The debut single by 21 year-old musician Joey Sandak unleashes an air of sensuality and is heavily jazz-influenced… For all those endless quarantine nights a sheer treasure!

Matt Nye – Motherfucker (Dad’s Song)

A cathartic experience about loss,  and for anyone with grief.. Matt Nye turns the loss of his father into an emo rap masterpiece… Violently emotive

Headless Relatives – The Future

A song about Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 from Outer Space”  by Headless Relative is ‘weird folk’ at its best…

Rose Brokenshire – Maybe We’re Just Tired

A sultry chillwave song about our current predicament, we find ourselves with a lot more time on our hands. And with time alone comes time to build a new relationship with ourselves. Rose Brokenshire’s eerie vocals will let go any tension… Pure gem!

LaBronn Conner Jr. – Peace

“Sam Smith, Leon Bridges & Prince” are magically connected in LaBronn Conner Jr.’s latest soulful jam… Be patient and will be rewarded

Sonicthefastboy – Trying to Keep It Together to Spend One More Day With My Loved Ones

The title pretty says it all in this instrumental folk/post rock track, created by a mental breakdown… On repeat!

Nervous City Nervous Self – Before Summer

An ambient folk ‘bijou’ about ‘our youth, when love was as bittersweet as a summer’s day’… Lost in the drone…


The 4th single by German outfit DARK is another proof  why they should be considered among the most promising acts in the electro-goth scene…

The Municipality – Strange Carnival

Composer/producer Eric Hogg’s project The Municipality in one of the best tracks from their latest release ‘Hole in the Tide’… Dreamy & hypnotic.. Somewhere inbetween dream pop, trip-hop and experimental electronic…

Christos Doukakis