VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

New River Slim – Semi Automatic

The 2nd and final single off of New River Slim’s much anticipated new album ‘Where Is New River Slim’, is a highly atmospheric, indie rock banger that could easily fit in a Tarantino, noir, black comedy movie soundtrack. Cool stuff and won’t spoil the surprise for the great climax after the 3rd minute mark….

Taishi – Souvenir

Taishi’s ‘Souvenir’ is an alluring post rock, highly cinematic ear-candy taken from the Irish project’s upcoming album ‘Macerie/Fragments’ that will absolutely reward patient listeners…. 

Gillian Stone – The Throne

Multi-instrumentalist, ethnomusicologist, and interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto Gillian Stone recently gifted us with a spotless blend of indie folk, post rock and electronica, with competent vocals, which is geuninely accompanied by a jaw-droppoing video, co-directed by Toronto filmmakers Emma Buchanan, Amir Heidarian and the artist herself…

Downcutting Streams – The Landscape of Denial

Downcutting Streams’ ‘The Landscape of Denial’ is an emotive amalgam of progressive rock and indie folk, characterised by the powerful, almost poetic vocal perfomance and an almost haunting flute… Such a gem!

Mojave Grey – Hypnotize Me

Born in the deserts of Joshua Tree California, Mojave Grey is more than capable of combining western and rock elements with elusive beat and elcectronic soundscapes. ‘Hypnotize Me’ is among the best examples oh very own, unique “spaghetti indietronica”!

Ordinary Child – Ocean Front

Multi-talented vocalist Latino Artist, born in Phoenix Arizona and raised in the outskirts of a small town outside Casa Grande AZ, Ordinary Child’s ‘Ocean Front’ is a stunning indie r&b ballad, that will put you in its trance mood frmo its very first second. Ready for goosebumps?

S.C.A.B. – Six Songs Into Your Spotify Playlist

New York trio S.C.A.B. are among the most up-and-coming acts of 2022, and ‘Six Songs Into Your Spotify Playlist’ is an authoritative, post punk/ndie rock smasher from their just released, 2nd album…

Misanthropes – Cytoplasmic Jungle Juice

Passionate vocals, an ear-melting cello and some divine alternative rock melodies wrapped up in a sugar-coated lyricism is the best taster for Misanthropes’ upcoming EP ‘God Has Exploded’…. Banger!

Mirrorball – Tinsel for a Tear

Now that’s a great tarck with an effortless, timeless melody that sounds like an atypical “marriage” of Beach House with Supertramp. In other words, the perfect mix of dream pop with soft rock, and we just cannot stopo listening. Ladies & Gents, stop waht you’re doing and give Mirrorball a hug!

NugLife – THE END – 2024 (w/ FrankieOG)

Strong anti-war & anti-political corruption message by the uprising Native rapper/producer NugLife & the uprising underdog FrankieOG. A smooth, noir and jazzy, conscious hip-hop magnum opus!

Christos Doukakis