VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

La Fonda – Kaleidoscope

The absolute indie pop bliss by La Fonda is “a bold declaration of taking back your life amidst battling addiction and the swirling chaos that comes with it”….

La Faute – Blue Girl Nice Day

A haunting blend of cinematic pop with slowcore, inspired by the Milgram Experiment, with a great vocal performance and some powerful words by the Toronto-based, dark, dreamy solo project of Peggy Messing, La Faute….

The Holy Rollercoasters – The Worst Years Of My Life

Brisbane’s The Holy Rollercoasters genuinely mix blues, soul and classic rock for their slow-burner, magnum opus ‘The Worst Years Of My Life’, a fine sample of their recently released debut album ‘Odyssey’…

Reflection Black – No Stars In The Sky

The lead single ‘No Stars In The Sky’ from the upcoming first album of the Athens-based (Greece) outfit Reflection Black entitled ‘Last Stop to Nowhere’ (March 3rd, Swiss Dark Nights) is an exquisite mix of post punk and dark wave with authoritative vocals and striking synths, which is vital for all the “creatures of the nite”!

Fabrice Aboulker – Je me souviendrai de vous

An alluring  neoclassical composition by the French composer Fabrice Aboulker, glowing with quality, cinematic value and overflowing emotion…. 

The Dust Collectors – Murder, I Wrote

Canadian band The Dust Collectors recently released their debut, 6-track EP ‘Filtered Gems’, and ‘Murder, I Wrote’ is among the stand-out tracks, a sublime, outlaw, country ballad about a chilling story of “boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, boy buries girl in the back forty”….

The Legends – Loser

Ready for some excellent jangle pop from Sweden? Ladies & gents, here come The Legends with their stunning latest single ‘Loser’!

Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua – Permaculture Reality

An admirable afro jazz track by the alto saxophonist percussionist composer, African folklore singer Kevin Haynes and his recent project Grupo Elegua, from his 2022 album ‘Egbe Alaragbo’….

Phat Flavour Crew – Believe In Love

British collective Phat Flavour Crew create a super stylish blend old-school r&b,  70s funk / Soul with breakbeats, analogue synths and 808…. Pump up the jam!

Henry Aberson – Time Goes By (Feat, Derran Day & Korey Keys)

A silky neo soul/contemporary r&b fusion by the competent Henry Aberson featuring great vocals by Derran Day & Korey Keys…

Christos Doukakis