VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Everything But The Everything – Denials (feat. Tobias Hawkins)

The latest indie rock banger ‘Denials’ by Everything But The Everything, featuring Tobias Hawkins, is a must listen for fans of dark alternative spins!

A Sea of Dead Trees – Vallis Lacrimarum

The post-blackgaze anthem ‘Vallis Lacrimarum’ by A Sea of Dead Trees is a volcanic, listening experience!

“I have tried, Love, but I’ll never learn” 

Golem Dance Cult – Marry Me Frankenstein

France/UK based duo Golem Dance Cult’s ‘Marry Me Frankenstein’ is a powerful track, which has been compared to a darker version of Beck with Bauhaus/Love & Rocket like vocals. 

Georgia English – Whatever It Takes

An alternative pop gem for abuse survivors about reclaiming your power, by Georgia English

Warp Trio & Likwuid – Welcome to the Pandemic Disco (Feat. Mirah)

An upbeat chamber pop/experimental hip-hop track, by Warp Trio, with hard-hitting rhymes from Likwuid and introspective vocals from Mirah.

Archangel Zani – Silver Crow

The opening track of Archangel Zani’s recently released album ‘Twilight Moon’ is a fine blend of psy-trance with EDM

Mackenzie Leighton – Mona by the Seaside

Mackenzie Leighton’s soft ethereal guitar and her vaporous keyboard are always here, just behind her, backing a bittersweet melody, at the same time sunny and full of nostalgia…

End of Code – Natural Affair

Can you feel the vibes of this 8-minute downtempo opus?

Utterly stunning!

The Furniture – The Sloth

 The Furniture’s debut album, is being released through Cigarettes After Sex’s refreshed label Spanish Prayers, and ‘The Sloth’ is a compelling, kraut-y, no wave treat!

Howlin’ Circus – Only for a Night

Written the morning after the last show before the pandemic, the song prophetically urges listeners to celebrate what it means to be alive and deeply feel and appreciate the moment they are in. Howlin’ Circus in top form!

Christos Doukakis