You’ve read it here and Red Maze Records kindly sent us a copy for our library but we decided -since it is a must listen/have-, to make a review on it! So, ‘My Precious! A Waves Radio Show Compilation 1‘ is a release with brand new unreleased songs from important artists in minimal, electro music, that rocks!

Diktatur‘s (Argentina) opening track ‘The Harm‘, is electro on its finest on a mid-tempo arrangement with seductive female vocals, that puts a smile on my face of what is next. The Horrorist (NY) ‘Say My Name‘, minimal electro in an experimental mood, old-school robotic approach, best obtained in an underground hazy vault with only two loudspeakers and one white light (get it?). Position Parallèle (France) ‘Mort ou Vif‘, minimal synth in a proto industrial mood, melodic and groovy. Factice Factory (Swiss/France) ‘A Comme Audran – electro Chabrol Version‘, cold minimal wave, the old French school, retro and cool for dance. Stockhaussen (Mexico city) ‘Komm‘, a furious electro minimal synth wave shot , with deep and strict vocals, a track for the dance floors. HøRD (France) ‘The New Child‘, dark ambient, synth wave drone, esoteric with an abstract pulse. Adán & Ilse (France) ‘What Do You Want‘, minimal synth wave flirting with E.B.M., hard beat and spooky and daaance. Taxidermists (Belgium) ‘Le Grand Saut‘, minimal cold wave and quite experimental. Wladyslaw (Spain) ‘Verveine Souterainne‘, experimental synthpunk and minimal wave, spooks the floor to dance to. Princess Century ft Melatonini (Toronto) ‘Safe Word‘, electronic art music, a little dark though urban oriented and minimal approached. Agent Side Grinder (Sweden) ‘Giants Fall‘, synthetic electro post punk anthem to dance to repeatedly, what a song! Leitmotive Rainbow (France) ‘She Is The One‘, experimental drone, synthetic with a classical approach (!), instrumental and trippy. The compilation also includes a bonus track by Ditta Perdita (Argentina) ‘Conejo (Fernando Wax & David Garcet edit)‘, an up-tempo alternative synth wave gem.

So, there you have it! Music for dedicated electro/minimal wave fans, will find great joy here. As for the rest with an open mind, this is an excellent compilation for your library in a wide range of electronic artists! Hey, enjoy…loud!

Mike Dimitriou