Peter McNestry: guitar,synth,effects,drums,vocals,drones (all tracks)
Nikki Lee: vocals (cloud symbols)
Jim Ben: bass,guitar : Angel (Sonic Boom Cover)
Robbie Wilson: sitar (oscillation) guitar,bass (Colosoul)
Mellow Lizard: guitar,vocals (The Temple of Suns)
Art Pegis: vocals,guitar (The Temple of Moons)
Jason Brown: organ,synth: Angel (Sonic Boom Cover)
Released November 7, 2016
– A review from

“The Pink Elephants tie together all that is dreamy and otherworldly about music with “Temples In The Sky”. Effortlessly blending together space rock, shoegaze, and psychedelic into a gorgeous whole, these are songs that drift by with a true sense of grace. A narrative forms out of these many spacious pieces, one that grows quite strong thanks to the help of the poetic lyricism that adorns much of the album. By utilizing a strong sense of atmosphere and mood, these pieces work on a deeply emotional level resulting in surprisingly blissful moments.

“Oscillation” opens the album up on a sprawling note. Featuring a prominent sitar, the song slowly unfurls revealing a whole sea of sound. A sense of peace prevails even as the soundscape grows in size and scope. Gigantic in tone is the fuzzed-out walls of sound on “Cloud Symbols”. Nikki Lee’s voice serves as the light of the piece as the rhythm has a repetitive hypnotic quality to it. Dusty drum machines and tender tones from synthesizers come together on the sweetness of “God Particle”. Setting sights towards the sky is the soaring guitar work of “Across The Silver Sky”. Timeless in nature the song is intricately layered radiating warmth like a beloved quilt. Languid tempos define the moody title track “Temples In The Sky”. Fiery to its very core is the ritualistic rhythm of “The Temple of Suns”.

Stunning with its grace and beauty, the Pink Elephants explore vast terrain with the glistening sound of “Temples In The Sky”.”