French Trouble Fait’ released ‘The Black Isles‘ earlier this summer, and it is damn good! The band is old and experienced in the insides of punk…and post-punk and new wave! Minimal arrangements and raw post-punk sound is on the deck. I really enjoyed it! It is all arranged on purpose to take you back to the Batcave and the early sound and universe of dedicated clubs. I found on their bandcamp page, that “TROUBLE FAIT’ was born in the spring of ’86 in the midst of Τhe Cure craze.” So it is all clear and comfortable for fans of the genre and people who need the original sound.

Anxious vocals and spooky keys that bring mist over the harsh guitar melodies on ‘Beads Οf Emerald‘ and ‘Sweet Perfumes‘. ‘La Fille Des Baies‘ couldn’t be more Batcave oriented, yes! ‘Post Punk Night In Paris‘, fast, emotional on a distorted and loud retro sound, arranged maybe in the morning’s glaze after an adventurous night, leading the auditor to ‘The Silky Messenger‘ in new wave music, get it?! Punk riffing in ‘Regeneracy‘, punk drumming also and there you have it (!). I found it a bit strange to choose, suggest and write about some songs from ‘The Black Isles‘ because the whole LP. is actually filled with the kind of musings that I adore. Truth is, it all sounds like the band is very confident, and know what it’s up to. The honest reason in recommending Trouble Fait’, is that they are original and obviously find it very easy to understand their art clearly.  While at the time a lot of post-punk bands are struggling to reinvent the genre, others just…have it, own it, perform it, and you will simply enjoy the listening and have serious fun. Check them and press PLAY…emmm … loud. Enjoy!

Mike Dimitriou