Ash Code, the Italian electrowave band released their second album called ‘Posthuman‘  last February, which I believe is  a masterpiece that can be regarded as one of the best genre releases of recent years. It is a darkwave/batcave album sounding much more electronic than its predecessor ‘Oblivion‘. As a result, it’s much more modern and danceable.

The homonym track ‘Posthuman‘ is  a dark post-punk song with some mysteriously unique synths. Band’s keyboardist Claudia Nottebella is behind the concept of the video and the recording & mixing was made by L’arte Dei Rumori.

The story of the track and the video comes from the necessity to come through a modern era interpretation, the so called “Post- human”. The video focuses on the way the subject compares to things, how  human recognizes himself no longer as of being the master of his own surroundings and how to impact on the environment, the non-human beings, and technology.

Posthuman‘ might not be the most cheerful album of 2016, but without doubt is one of the records that you have to listen to this year!

Dimitra Christaki