In human perception, space is something visually beautiful. During a day, we see a blue sky, during the night, we see darkness and small illuminations. But space, contains secrets, space hides fear. The fear of the unknown that makes people think of a convenient answer or of a fearful one. When we are desperate, we are looking at the sky, we don’t look down at the ground. That’s because out in the sky, out in the space, anything can happen. So we choose to look up at the known unknown,  instead of looking down

How many of us, sometime in our lives have wondered what is out in space? How many planets are , where does space end, if it ends

And the most common thought if there is life on other planets?

Many ancient philosophers (and scientists) for many years expressed their theories about space, and also till today, many scientists or philosophers still express their theories. Most famous recent theory is the Big Bang Theory.

So far, there is no clear answer in the question of what space is, what space hides. Just theories based on some (true I guess) discoveries. Some of them might be true, some might be false, or some of those theories may even prove false. Personally, I don’t believe that there is life on other planets, and to be honest, I don’t care, and I don’t care much to find out what space hides. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at the beauty and the sickness in this life. However, I have a theory of what space is. I don’t know if I am the only one with this theory (too difficult!). I guess many people should believe the same like I do.

So, here is my theory: let’s take six (6) spaceships.  The first one will have a direction up (who knows where “up” is? We don’t know where “up” is and “down” on earth, maybe everything is upside down or left right from what we believe so far) the second one will have direction down, the third one direction left, the fourth one direction right, the fifth one direction in front, and the sixth one direction back.

The spaceships (or rockets if you prefer) will go straight to their direction without losing it for a second. After a (very) long time, all the spaceships (probably not exactly at the same time, unless we are at the center of space) will find their route …planet Earth! It’s so simple, that it is hard to believe! Anywhere we go, any direction we take, at the end we reach the starting point! This is a different theory from the theory that states that space is curved, and we can do circles in the limit reaching every time the starting point. If space were curved, means it has limits. And, when something has limits, means that there must be something out of the limits.

Imagine now that my theory is true. That there are no limits, no starting point, no finish line. Imagine how this would affect humanity, religion. Imagine how this would affect you. Would you be comfortable with that, or not? How would you feel when you know that we live in nowhere? I guess many of you will be sad, because my theory doesn’t allow people to make “dreams”. It restricts all limits to nothing! It’s claustrophobic, like we all live in nothing! Which God can make us feel good when we know that we live (let’s say) in a “bubble” without a start, without an end? Of course God is a complicated thought, but knowing our space’s nothingness possibly we might see Him with a different view. One thing is for sure, that life won’t be the same in our minds.

Speaking of theories, speaking of nothingness, there is another theory of mine for space. We know that it’s dark, and there is no air (oxygen). Why should we take a spaceship to find out where its limits are, and don’t take a high end microscope? Let’s take the particle “neutrino” and try to disintegrate it (as far as I know, “neutrino” hasn’t be disintegrated yet, if it does, then let’s take a particle that hasn’t been broken yet). When we disintegrate it, do you know what will happen? The sky will open! Yes, the sky will open! Looking through the microscope, we’ll see our space, and looking closer we’ll see our planet! Looking from our planet, we’ll see the sky open, and see a scientist looking at us!

Maybe it sounds strange to you, but it isn’t, these are just two of my theories. Only time will tell if I’m right. Until then let’s sleep with our eyes open.

Konstantinos Pamfiliss