What kind of intro need a band like The Sexy Christians? No, intro really to be honest, just that they will be part of the 4-day An Club/ Gagarin 205 Fest, playing (a)live on Friday 24th at AN club…. Don’t miss these dudes! 

Being a good Christian (sic!) I will start with the basics. Who are The Sexy Christians? What do you want from our lives, or better from our ears?

Our band phychotherapist says that we have too much potential but due to our mental conditions we are most likely to fail in everything we try.

So first of all we stopped trying and then we decided to take the next step and fire him. The fact that we play music has nothing to do with all that and forgive us if we failed to answer your question but we forgot to take our medicine today. With regards to your ears, we would like to lick them.

‘Plastic Love’ is the latest release by the band. Would you like to share any words about this “Sexy Dance Summer Hit 2017”?

We think that this is the greatest pop song of the year with the worst video clip of all times and this has nothing to do with girls that appear on it.

Last year you offered us your great debut ‘God Proudly Presents’! which were the main influences and difficulties for this one?

Thank you for the compliment but if you like Ι can arrange for you to meet our ex-phychotherapist.

Our main influences for the album were The Beatles, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cramps and Sigourney Weaver.

We had difficulty convincing Pariolis to record his vocals because he thinks that beer is food.

Most of your videos are pretty interesting with heavy dose of kinky humour. Are you a fun band after all?

We like wearing womens clothes, being tied up and thrown into the back of a van, if that’s what you mean.

What is a typical (not sure if I use the right word) day in the studio with TSC?

We don’t spend so much time in the studio but when we are there we play punk with funk influences and have discussions about Van Gogh.

Lyric-wise which are your favorite topics and why?

Our favourite topics to write about are love, bank robberies, high heels, body fluids, spirituality and how to make the world into a better place.

You will be one of the bands participating in the An Club/Gagarin 205 fest. How do you feel about this, and are you going to present?

We are totally excited about playing at An Club/Gagarin 205 fest on the 24th. We’re going to play songs from ‘God Proudly Presents’ and a couple of new ones combined with sweat, Harris belly-dance and coconuts.

Which are your views on political-correctness in relation to indie music? Can/should these two be combined and why? Please discuss…

All is one. So everything relates to one another. Everything is combined. But it’s wise to know what you know and what you don’t know. Nothing

SHOULD be combined, everyone must have his own judgement and follow his unique path in life.

Plans, hopes & fears for 2018…

We may record a new album, we’ll probably go to China on tour, for sure we’re printing a new sexochristianic underwear collection and we hope to make lots of money so we can buy a pink grand piano for our small living room.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Our next gigs after the An Club fest are:

30 Nov – Thessaloniki at 8ball with Bazooka

01 Dec – Serres at Kleidi tou Fa

02 Dec – Katerini at Don Kixotis

03 Dec – Veria at 22Bar

This has been the best interview ever, thank you so much, we apologise for existing and may god helps us all.

Christos Doukakis