Only a few days before the “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.” and The Psalm provide us very interesting answers for the following interview. If you want to learn more about the Greek death metal underground, this one is a very good opportunity. Enjoy…

Let’s get it on then! An introduction is more than suitable to begin with for this interview…

Greetings. This is Thomas Eremite of The Psalm, a death metal band from Thessaloniki. Thank you for the invitation.

Born from the ‘ashes’ of Nocturnal  Vomit, which would you point out as the main differences from the two bands both sound-wise & mainly in general?

As The Psalm we did not want to make anything different sound-wise, we continued the same way we were. We only tried to make a more sophisticated approach in terms of lyrics when it comes to adorn the music appropriately, as well as the message of the band. Something that had already started since ‘Cursed Relics’ album.

Last September you released your debut EP ‘I’. Are you satisfied with its reception? Would you like to tell us about the recording process and some information regarding this release? Which were your main influences?

The reception was really good. People received it as a classic sounding piece and not as a hype. This is what is more important for us. We would like our creations to stand the test of time.

The best part of the recording was the thurible, I did not own one at that time so I had to record its sound in a church. Main influences musically were Celtic Frost, Bathory, Mayhem, Death, Repulsion to name a few. In general, isolation, monasticism, ascetic life, pilgrimage, nature.

On your Facebook page, you describe your sound as “Death Metal Monasticism”. Would you like to explain this to us?

You can read it as one phrase, but also as three different words, a triptych. Most of inspiration for The Psalm comes from monastic life and principles. Monasticism is the dominant element in the area where I live. Having a closer look to Monastic life and aesthetics you can find profound elements which connect to the aesthetics of the music we represent.

On 6th January you will be appearing at “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.”, along with three other significant underground metal bands. What should the audience expect?

It is a great pleasure to play with old friends. The audience can expect a crushing performance of old songs plus a small taste of what it is yet to come in our full length ‘II’.

What about the very interesting side-project The Dead Creed?

The Dead Creed is the alter ego of The Psalm. It is built on the same principles and represents the same values. The album will be out soon since it has been recorded almost a year ago. Many shows have already been played, a few more to come soon. It is gaining more and more enthusiasts from a wide range of audience that it interestingly surpasses that of metal and rock.

Would you like to share some thoughts with our readers regarding the Greek extreme metal underground? Do you think that in recent years, the so-called ‘crisis’ years, people and especially youngsters got more involved with metal and with arts in general to fill the “gap”? (unemployment, sentimental, social)

It goes without saying that activities such as music and sports can keep mind and body healthy during the corrosive and toxic era of crisis. People should seek shelter in such activities in order to preserve sanity and endure the madness of economic oppression. It is true that there is an increasing quality in the underground scene the last years. Hard times can be the reason for this, but I think that it is also because of musicians getting more in contact with other musicians, sharing know how that increases the awareness on all of the aspects of creation through new technology and internet. What saddens me is the fact that many bands sacrifice their energy in trivial “metal band” activities rather than focusing on the essence of having a band, which is to create good music. Be true to yourself and add an element of your personality to create your identity as an artist, and hold on to it while avoiding spending energy on gossiping other bands’ success or misfortune. This could possibly make the scene much more serious, and yet… we are not making anything too serious, it’s just music!

Your plans for 2017? Maybe recording your debut  album?

Already into it. Songs have been composed as we are currently focused on the finalization of the structures and hopefully we will be soon ready to enter the studio.

Feel free to add anything else you like….

We thank you again for giving us the chance to be featured on Last Day Deaf. It’s merely a few days until our next performance so, I don’t need to go deep into details….low ticket, great bands. You know what to do.

Christos Doukakis