The Morlocks are back!

In 2015 lead singer Leighton Koizumi rebooted The Morlocks with a whole new line-up. Plus, the band is now based in Germany.

After a successful first in Italy in December 2015, the band recorded a new 7-inch at “El Monte Studios” in Dortmund. The two-song masterpiece includes a really scary monster version of the 60’s Garage Punk Classic ‘Hang Up‘ by The Wailers in which Koizumi demonstrates his talent in taking a cover song and making it his own. Always remaining true to the original, The Morlocks’ version often surpasses it. In this case, the original is outmatched with sheer brutality; walls of fuzz, violent screams and vocals reminding of Lux Interior result in goosebumps of fear for the listener.

The second song, ‘Time To Move‘ is written by Leighton himself. Initially, it gives the impression of a Rolling Stones song with a very classy intro. However, soon enough, it turns into a song that is far from being called simply garage punk. The complexity of the guitars combined with sarcasm-dripping words catapult the song to a dimension somewhere in-between The Stones, Hanoi Rocks and T-Rex.

Kiky Eirmbter