To be very clear, we’re not going ‘back’ to anything,” The Men’s Rich Samis tells Consequence of Sound, “we’re on a trajectory straight ahead just like always.

This actually sums up quite everything for the new U-turn of the favourite Brooklyn quartet. and their thrasher track ‘Crime’, from their forthcoming album ‘Devil Music‘, out November 11th. No needless intros, no catchy melodies, just wicked, raw punk n’ roll power. 115 seconds of what modern rock should sound like: aggressive, crude, straightforward….dangerous! ‘Devil Music‘ must be the physical cacophonous progression of 2011’s ‘Leave Home‘. These ‘Men’ will make your day…

Artwork and tracklist of ‘Devil Music‘, below:


Devil Music‘ Tracklist:
01. Dreamer
02. Crime
03. Ridin’ On
04. Lion’s Den
05. Patterns
06. Violate
07. Hit the Ground
08. Devil Music
09. Gun
10. Fire

Christos Doukakis