That time reduces liveliness is something we all know.

It happens to everyone, and therefore legendary Einstürzende Neubauten couldn’t be the exception to the rule. But for those who want to feel some of their energy, their power that used to distinguish them from the rest, this one is a wonderful gift:

Their breathtaking performance at Rockpalast in 1990 is being reprinted (booking is required and you can find it at Storming The Base) on deluxe double vinyl containing their live appearance in Düsseldorf. Pure energy! A performance that will remain in the history of the band and furthermore history of industrial music. In this live we can enjoy the fabulous artistic growth of the group and some of their ‘beasts’ played live like (the fabulous version of ‘Armenia‘). For all collectors this edition is a must keep that will heat the approaching winter days.

Antonio Cristofaro