Be curious and love them!

For all those who love themselves some good rock sound, The Keith Richardson Syndrome present their first album of 5 tracks called 18:09 (this is the chronological length of the EP).

The Keith Richardson Syndrome are 7 friends from Valence in France who, in May 2014, decided to form this group for pleasure. Their musical influences are varied but they have a pronounced love for The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. As big fans of the Stones, they used the name of Keith Richards as a mentor for the group, so the name became The Keith Richardson syndrome. They spent 8 months rehearsing before embarking on their musical adventures.

Guillaume, one of the three guitarists, writes and composes and Etienne, on percussion, submits in writing. The final product is made in consultation with an enthusiasm that manifests in their live shows which are a real pleasure to hear and see. When on stage, the performance is sublime and we can deeply feel the pleasure they find playing together, so this energy comes right across to the audience. Some of their live shows include a performance with Last Train In February, and one with The Underground Youth last April, a group they particularly like, so they considered it an honour to share the stage with them.

While listening to the song ‘On My way’, you can already feel the talent. The guitar has such an effect on our neurons that addiction appears and we have only one desire, to listen again. In general, their projects are new compositions with the inclusion of keyboards on some. As far as plans are concerned, they now intend to work on the production of a video clip, play elsewhere in Europe and discover other bands in France similar to the English group Dark Country.

In a nutshell, the band is a blend of perfect sound and voice with a captivating rhythm guitar technique. Honey to the ears! Their album might begin with ‘Love / Hate’ but I can assure you that we just love them.

To be continued…

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Julie Aras