They are a 7 piece band. 7 friends from Valence –France-  Their names are Guillaume – Irénée – Matt – Olivier – Etienne – Greg – Luc and the band is called The Keith Richardson Syndrome. A French rock band with an amazing psyche-rock sound. They have been playing together for 2 years and this year, they released their first EP called ’18:09′ (this is the actual duration of their EP) containing 5 tracks. It is a great pleasure to present this band who deserve your recognition. Guillaume Andrea, guitarist, singer, songwriter from the band was kind enough to provide us with this interview.

Where do you usually write?
Guillaume Andrea: In my apartment. I fit it out regularly as a mini portable studio when I do recording sessions. I work alone titles at my home, afterward, we work together during rehearsals.

Have you found a label yet? If yes how did the search go?

G.A.: Well no, we have not found one yet (nor looked for). But it’s in our top 5 of things to do. We are starting to pick out new tracks for a future EP & first album so we’ll think about it at that time.

Do you have you a motto in common?
G.A.: Not an established one, but rather a state of mind such as “let’s be fun” or “let’s have fun above all”. We must not feel superior or get big-headed as soon as things go well. Playing in a rock band is one of the coolest things to do, so we might as well enjoy ourselves.

How would you present the group to the readers?

 G.A.: A rock band with guitar, a lot of people on stage to party even more!

With which artist/s would you like to share the stage ?

G.A.: If one day, ”THE” lucky day, we manage to play before The Brian Jonestown Massacre, many of us would become crazy ! We cross fingers!


Do you have a manager or do you handle the organization between you?
G.A.: No, we do not have a manager. It’s a “do it yourself” at 300%. We find the dates ourselves, we make our own recordings, we made the side graphics, our promotion etc. …

Are you planning a video soon? Could you share a few words about it?

G.A.: Yes we would like to make one or two videos for titles of our EP. A friend offered us. I think it is going to be happening in the summer.

If you had to give your favourite title of the EP which one would it be and why?
G.A.: I would say “Not if you were the last mythomane on earth” because it is the only title in which I do not sing. I do not like listening to myself singing and on stage during this title I can go crazy and start fooling around !

Your last musical crush?
G.A.: I would say the last Night Beats. They are excellent. Otherwise I am a huge fan of Sparklehorse, it is my very favourite which lasts for a long time and which never passes.

Thank you Guillaume

Photo credits: Cristophe Garin

Julie Aras