Dino Jr3

American indie rock legends Dinosaur Jr. have announced the upcoming release of the band and a huge tour as well. The album ‘Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not’ is out on 5th August 2016. Dinosaur Jr. have also shared a badass video teaser announcement featuring   Henry Rollins!

The band is among the most respected names in the American indie rock ever, that made many famous rockers shed their skin in public. That takes us back in the 80s when Dinosaur Jr. injected their guitar noise in the alternative rock of the era, and the trip begun. They started releasing music that influenced the whole genre, building a legendary name, touring the world and defining how real Americana indie is supposed to sound like.

This summer they are launching their guitars again, and travel around the world, starting on 2nd June in Villeurbanne France, on an endless tour as you can see on their website.

Dinosaur Jr. are loud, bittersweet, crunchy…  and you probably can fill in more words here, but I bet you can’t wait for them to visit your town!

Dino Jr2

Mike Dimitriou