In the beginning of October ‘Heliocentric View‘ was released. It is the first album of the youngsters The Casey Jr. Ride, a psychedelic rock band from Mannheim, Germany.

We already knew what to expect from their single in the beginning of 2016, split with ‘Helio‘ and ‘Children Of The Sun‘. The latter is also among the highlights of their debut album. ‘Heliocentric View‘ includes 10 songs that the quintet recorded with lyrics written by Stig Breu, their vocalist. They asked us to hear their music loud, so we did.

The feeling, listening to the whole album at once is like a curvy journey, or better a spiral one. They have a great intro, especially if you are not ready to groove but you want to get the vibe, with ‘Cruise For Pleasure‘. ‘Come Around‘ seems to be more representative of the band’s sound and the next 3 songs feel like going around the same atmosphere. Personally, I started paying more attention to their music after the ‘Golden Hour‘ where they started to play unsafe. ‘The Trip‘, my personal favorite, and ‘Children Οf The Sun‘ are the most challenging songs.

There is something familiar to their music. Maybe is the fact that they play in a great way and their surfing grooves embrace the psychedelic revival in the European music scene. Their guitars and strings are stunning and the sound seems full with the vocals and the organ to fill the space between. But the lack of surprises in their compositions could be unfortunate for their future.

In the end of the day I would definitely enjoy going to one of their gigs in a dark smoky space, with some beer to make me lose myself. It’s that kind of music that you find your way by losing it.

Malina Tzachristou