Surfing on the web for no particular reason (only for amusement to be more precise), can sometimes hide surprises! So, I stumbled upon two “new” (first time on Streaming Services since their initial release in 2009, more correctly) Radiohead songs: ‘Harry Patch (In Memory Of)’, and ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ both let out last week.

The first one, as the band states, is about the (then) last British survivor of the First World War (died 25-07-2009), and the video is dedicated to the soldiers and him, a typical melodic post-rock motion by Radiohead.

These Are My Twisted Nerves’ on the other hand, (found no details, sorry), is a considerate up tempo song, composed in the band’s sound with melodic and harmonic guitars, and the expected vocals by Thom Yorke.

So, this time Radiohead preferred the noiseless path to let out their music, perhaps these two ‘re-visited’ songs own a specific entity. Nevertheless, you should check them ‘cause they are both really good songs, as always the English quintet is!

Mike Dimitriou