New wave/post-punk band The Cabin Fever, reformed recently after quite a while: some 20 years! Sunday, March 18th, will appear live at Death Disco for the Future Sonic Festival II. This is a brief one on this occasion. Hope you enjoy!

Will have to start with the cliché one: Who are The Cabin Fever? Please introduce the band to our readers…

Well… Demis plays the bass and sings his words, George is on guitars and Dimitri does the sexy beats.

Since forming the band in the early 90’s what can you recall from that era? In what way does it differ from today, and I mean society-wise? Is it “darker” now?

We were young and young means restless and open… the now is numb but wiser.

What did ignite you to get The Cabin Fever off such a long hibernation then?

Boredom with a touch of creativity.

Which would you consider as milestone moments for the band and why?

Playing (sadly) our last gig 21 years ago in front of the largest and most enthusiastic festival crowd.

One of my favourite tracks of yours is the extremely addictive ‘Blind’. What’s the story behind this “bijou”?


Apart from the obvious influences, let’s talk about your ‘guilty pleasures’. Which ones would you consider as inspiring ‘guilty pleasures’?

Boredom? Curiosity?

Let’s play a game now: Choose only one option: The Cure or Joy Division?, Social or anti-social? Cinema or Theater? Books or magazines? Internet or Newspaper? Email or snail-mail?

Dim: Joy Division. Anti-Social. Cinema. Books. Newspaper. Snail-mail.

Dem: Love them both but The Cure are still out there!/ Outgoing anti-social/ Books/ Internet/ Snail-nail???

What are you going to present live at Future Sonic Festival II at Death Disco on March 18th?

A slew of old and new tunes.

Shall we be lucky enough to enjoy your debut album within 2018, after all these years?

Dim: Well…

Grg: Thanx, but no

Dem: Possibly a couple of singles or an EP.

This space is yours. What else would you like to add?

Grg: Freedom & youth

Dem: music is dead…

Christos Doukakis