Hey, hey, Pixies are going to release a new album! ‘Head Carrier’ is its name and September 30 is its release date. This one is their first since 2014’s ‘Indie Cindy’ and their very first with Paz Lenchantin as their official full-time bassist. It looks like the album was written, arranged and rehearsed over a six-week period whilst recording took place at London’s Rak Studios with Tom Dalgety as the producer. But it doesn’t end here because the first single is out too! Listen to ‘Um Chagga Lagga’ below —and scroll down for the album tracklist and artwork.

The album tracklist:

  1. ‘Head Carrier’
  2. ‘Classic Masher’
  3. ‘Baal’s Back’
  4. ‘Might As Well Be Gone’
  5. ‘Oona’
  6. ‘Talent’
  7. ‘Tenement Song’
  8. ‘Bel Esprit’
  9. ‘All I Think About Now’
  10. ‘Um Chagga Lagga’
  11. ‘Plaster Of Paris’
  12. ‘All The Saints’

… and the album artwork:


Debbie Maliotaki