Two legendary bands that defined two strongly related, if not inseparable, genres: A.R. Kane (interview) & My Bloody Valentine; Dream pop & Shoegaze. Textures & Reverb that is textures\/reverb. In brief, this column will gather 10 present-day shoegaze/dream pop (and around) tracks you should experience and very much likely won’t find anywhere else on the web, at least as a whole! So, pick up your glide guitar and relish the wall of sound.

Graywave – ‘Swallow’

Bess Atwell – ‘Co-op

Astronomies – ‘Sky Above’

Holyhead – ‘Losing Light’

Everything by Electricity – ‘Promises’


Parker Wierling – ‘Heaven Sent’

Brother. – ‘EZ

 Boh Doran – ‘Cat’s Cradle’

Tyson Sphere – ‘Your Tears’

T. G. Shand – ‘The Ease’

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis