American electronic duo Teengirl Fantasy have released their fourth full-length, titled ‘8AM’. The album marks the duo’s first new music since their ‘Thermal’ and ‘Thermal Remixed’ EPs in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss recorded some of the songs in a cabin in the woods space in Woodstock, New York, the first track ‘Glare’ and ‘En Route’ included.

One of the standouts from the album ‘Star-rise’ was recorded in a studio in Berlin back in 2013, with Weiss stating via Tiny Mix Tapes: “Simplicity made this one. We also used [in addition to a Waldorf Microwave XT] this synth called the Elka Synthex that had Russiana cyrillic on it for the droney pad sound.” Other gems off the LP include: ‘It Was Already Light Out’ which Weiss says is one of his favorites, ‘Don’t’ a song written near the end of their sessions for the album, and ‘Seeds’ the only vocal track on ‘8AM’ which features Khalif Jones. “Khalif hasn’t released something with as melodic vocals as these before, so I am proud that we get to help introduce it,” Takahashi states.

You can check out both ‘Seeds’ and ‘Star-Rise’ below. ‘8AM’ is currently available via Planet Mu.

Sarah Medeiros