These songs were made during 2016 and 2017 but were not included on any of my official releases. Fields was supposed to be on Whoop and I honestly can’t remember why I cut it. The rest were all intended to be for my second album, which by the way was literally supposed to be called “Second”, but in the end I wasn’t happy with the direction and instead went with the sound you can hear on CRY!

Still, I think they’re catchy and I intended for some of them to be remade at some point. However I’ve found that I’d much rather just move on and make brand new songs, so here they are in their original form! I hope you enjoy it!


All songs are written, performed, mixed and mastered by Kristoffer Engman
Cover art also by Kristoffer Engman

Knasibas is an electronic musician from Umeå, Sweden. He released his first EP in 2015 and has since been an active member of the chiptune community with his melodic songwriting inspired by anime, video games and everything nice.