Cloudy London presents the latest third full length album of Still Corners, ‘Dead Blue’ with love! Tessa Murray, awesome vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, along with producer Greg Hughes, formed  dream-electro poppers Still Corners, a band present since 2007, that have released three full length albums.

Their debut album ‘Creatures Of An Hour’ was hazy, and ethereal, lost in a twilight zone and covered under a 4ADish drape. At their second album ‘Strange Pleasures’ they step out of the fog, presenting a more dream pop and travelling sound with clear-night sky production. The third album is little bit different again.

Dead Blue’ is closer to their electro influences, and it’s also filtered with 80’s pop, and dance pop elements, while the dream pop base remains the same.

Dead Blue’ starts with ‘Lost Boys’, first single of the album.  A song made to be a modern electro-pop hit, absolutely sexy with a memorable chorus and the mincing vocals of Tessa. ‘Currents’ is also voluptuous.  Warm and appealing, a relaxing mid-tempo dance pop tune, with deep velvet bass, sturdy rhythm section, atmospheric drums, and the seductive vocals of Tessa Murray. An overall awesome song. ‘Bad country’ reminds me a little bit of ‘The Trip’, from their second album ‘Strange Pleasures’, due to the guitar jamming; while ‘Crooked Fingers’ floats into abstract ambient-electro elements. ‘Skimming’ starts with a vocal ambient gospel, while in the next song  ‘Down With Heaven And Hell’ the spirit of Elizabeth Frazer & Cocteau Twins seem to be present! ‘Downtown’ is the first highlight of album. Pretty beautiful Saint Etienne-like pop, with an amazing chorus and bridge, that you want to listen to again and again! Strange and claustrophobic ‘The Fixer’ prepares us for the second highlight: ‘Dreamhorse’! An old-school electro anthem! The song runs fast and balances between dark electro sound effects and vocal reverbs that bring to mind the divine ‘A Day’ by Clan Of Xymox. An absolutely impressive song, one of their best creations! ‘Night Walk’ is a natural follow up of ‘Dreamhorse’, like the outro! It floats into minimal, cinematic instrumental fields with a Cocteau twins-like vocal ending. Τhe album ends with the lost eerie sci-fi sounds of ‘River’s Edge’.

In conclusion, one could say the album is filled with sonic-sound perfection, awesome vocals, and a bouquet of excellent songs. ‘Dead Blue’, their third full length album is here, and it’s absolutely adorable!

Still corners? Still in love.

Theodoros Rentesis