From the depths of outer space comes some fresh electro-punk, in the guise of Stereo Juggernaut. Featuring an interesting mix of genres, the fast-paced, hard-hitting sound can easily pique the interest of new listeners. Straight from the London scene, we are happy to have the opportunity to interview the band about their “New Dirt”.

Though they may have new dirt, the quartet are far from fledglings. The band has had three LP releases, beginning with ‘Disco Smack’ in December 2012. They’ve toured with Orgy, Mushroomhead, and other long standing acts. Their newest LP, ‘Shutdown’ was released in October of 2016. Stereo Juggernaut is currently signed to Armalyte Industries.

Thanks again for taking the time to allow an interview. For those of us who may not know, could you tell us how Stereo Juggernaut was formed?

Ben, (Vocals, Guitar) and Reuben, (Drums), have been family friends from a very young age. As big fans of both rock and electronic music, we wanted to combine the two in our own way. Our previous band had folded, but we were still booked for a show alongside The Damned. We compiled all of our new ideas and did the gig, under the pseudonym The Upskirts, which eventually evolved into Stereo Juggernaut.

In the not too distant past, you guys did a cover of the Type O Negative song I don’t Wanna Be Me in homage to the band. Were you guys happy with the result?

Yes, especially considering we came up with the idea and recorded/mixed the whole song in one session, in our own studio. It was Christmas and we wanted to give our fans something new, fun and free to listen to. It’s one of the most upbeat, playful songs by Type O Negative and it was a nice challenge to put our edge on a song and band we love.

Stereo Juggernaut’s sound is a very eclectic mix. Is there one genre in particular the band identifies with?

Alternative feels like the only genre broad enough. Alternative is something else. We have elements of punk and metal, without being either of those things specifically; the beautiful thing about a hybrid is that the outcome is unique and it may not have been heard before. People appear to be calling us ‘‘New Dirt’’ at the moment…

All of your LP’s have had a different sonic feel. What was done differently between releases?

Disco Smack’ and ‘Novocaine Hurricane’ were self-produced and included different band members. ‘Shutdown!’ was recorded in Hamburg with James Dunkley, one of the finest producers we’ve ever worked with. They’re a good representation of our development. Over time our performance, production and sound has grown, whilst getting heavier and darker in places.

Recently, you guys have signed with Armalyte Industries. Has that changed the music sound/content at all?

The guys at Armalyte Industries are great people and really supportive, so we’re proud to have teamed up with them. It hasn’t changed our sound or direction but their strength as an independent label is creatively inspiring.

Can you tell us about the artwork from your latest EP, Shutdown!

We sketched some ideas and the wonderful Ad Clarkson, (“Adistic Occult Couture“), brought it to life. It’s an image of you turning off your television but staying switched on to the unsavoury characters who are trying to feed you bullshit. And they’ve started climbing out of the TV.

Lyrically, what motivates Stereo Juggernaut? Do you have any one particular message or is the work more expressive?

It’s different every time; we write a lot together and sometimes alone. When writing alone I think the message and meaning becomes a lot more personal and sometimes can be very introverted. The tracks on ‘Shutdown!’ are all varied in themes. ‘Empty Eyes’ and the title track are very politically driven due to the current state of what is happening in the UK now, whereas ‘Devoid’ and ‘Goodbye’ are a lot more personal.

You guys have had a good round of gigs this year. Is there any one in particular that was a favorite?

The whole tour with The Birthday Massacre was amazing; O2 Institute Birmingham, Ruby Lounge Manchester, Audio Glasgow and The Garage London were all packed out shows. We played some gigs with Mushroomhead at the beginning of the year and the “Electric Ballroom” show in London was one of our favourite shows to date.

How do you guys feel about where Stereo Juggernaut is currently?

The band is always challenging itself and growing. We’ve had more fun onstage this year than ever before, and met so many incredible people, so we feel as inspired as ever to write our best material yet.

Last but not least; what can fans look forward to in the future of Stereo Juggernaut? Is there anything you’d like to say to them?

There will be new shit and sick shows! We’d like to say thank you to everyone who supports their scene and comes out early to watch the opening acts, it keeps us alive.

Malinda Mansfield