Italian and furious! Regenerators of post-punk Soviet Soviet have become one of the hottest names in the underground scene, almost immediately after their birth. Who hasn’t listened to ‘Further’ yet? A song that took the genre by storm, reaping off any doubts on how can they post-punk! As I notice, they spend most of their time in airports that fly them to dedicated stages around Europe, and that is success! So, let’s see what they told us about their band in this interview, first press play on their latest ‘Endless’ LP, have a beer and enjoy reading about the band from Pesaro!!!

Hello Soviet Soviet, welcome to Last Day Deaf, how’s the ongoing tour so far?

Thank you, the tour is going very well! It started in November and now we are at the second part of it.

Can you give us some details about your plans in 2017? Touring, festivals, a new release maybe?

We’ll continue the ‘Endless’ tour. Yes, the only plan is: Touring.  We’ll have some gigs in Russia, some European Tour and we’ll return in the United States.

What other bands are you fond of sharing the stage with, or just listening to their music?

We met lot of very good bands. We shared the stage with great bands like A Place To Bury Strangers, PiL, The Horrors but we met also new bands during the tours. We played with a very good russian band called AEROFALL. They play shoegaze.

What is the name Soviet Soviet all about, and how did it all start with the band?

The name was born in a very spontaneous way. We liked the sound of the repetition of these two words. We started to play together because we just wanted to have fun. We didn’t have a project, we only wanted to play together.

You are the only European band signed to Felte, a dedicated label in the genre signing alternative bands that make a really good impact on the fans. How did it all happen with Felte?

Jeff (the owner) contacted us by email. He liked our music and our past works so he made us a proposal. We like the bands in Felte’s roster and it was a great chance for us to reach the american people.

In 2013 you released your first Fate LP, surprising the post-punk fans with its freshness and attitude, including that massive hit in the underground scenes and stages, Further. Earlier in 2016 you released your second Endless LP, as the reasonable sequel in your music. What are the facts that inspire you in making that pumping-vein post-punk music, and where from your influences are emerging?

There are almost three years between ‘Fate’ and ‘Endless’. In this time we did a lot of gigs and tours and we had lot of experiences. We grew not only as persons but also as musicians. We listened to a lot of music and we learned a lot of new bands. We changed. All these facts help us to work on the new album.

What about lyrics? What are the stories or circumstances you are singing for?

Andrea writes the lyrics. He talks about his life, his situations and his life stories.

In the recent years post-punk is making its blast again, and Soviet Soviet are among the most appreciated names in the genre. In your opinion, why is this happening, do you believe that the 80’s post-punk didn’t say it all, and it was about time the new generation of fans that are also musicians, to re-discover again and push it one step beyond, refreshing with modern and alternative ideas?

I think that it’s normal. Post punk is a great genre and the people always listen to it. Old generations listen to it and new generations will listen to it. It is music and it’s a form of Art.


You are Italian artists, and I’d like to ask you about your opinion in Europe during the last years, could you share with us few thoughts please?

We love to play in Europe. We love the atmosphere that we usually found in the venues. The people are so curious and it’s great to play out of Italy.

Thank you Soviet, you can close the interview, or add anything you like!

Thank you! Cheers!

Photo credits: POSSO FARTI UNA FOTO? (1st one)

Mike Dimitriou