Once again, in our meandering of the underground scene, we throw light on a duo emerging from St.Petersburg, Russia. Sobranie 8 18 are a new band involved in waves, synth (minimal/raw) and dark, and released their debut LP ‘Demons, The Angel And Dark Thoughts’ on 11th October via Perfect Aesthetics on cassette and digital download.

The fact that I found almost nothing on the web in relation to the band’s profile really intrigued me, and I started listening to their music like I had nothing to lose. Το my surprise, I figured out that avoiding that project would’ve been a silly time-of-the-times mistake. They are so talented and precise in their intentions, making synthetic songs that can easily remain in the memory after few hours, or days. Synth wave blended with the vocals of their well trained female singer (yes, no names found in English), full of dark wave-oriented guitar melodies, reverbs, and modern clever arrangements that interact in alternatives throughout “raw” environments (‘Lonely Wooden Bridge‘) and “pagan” (‘Mind Thriller‘, ‘Wenmin‘) fields. Sometimes beautifully darkened and anxious (‘French‘), or experimental synth based drones (‘Sixsixsix‘, ‘Argument In C-dur‘) that are drowned in sound effects, leading us onto retro, maybe old-school roots. Their LP is seemingly with no great surprises, but on the other hand the band shows original talent that leads them to compose interesting and sometimes amazing songs, and all these shape a pleasant, cosy and friendly scape that amuses the auditor, and most importantly, not losing interest.

This is music for those who are delighted by the synthetic sounds, for wave fans who appreciate the cold comfort and the “fairy”, and for people who really observe on the global underground music, searching for newborn gems that bring modern authenticity.

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Mike Dimitriou