This film tells the untold story of a group of teenagers from a remote Norwegian town called Tromsø. Geographically and culturally isolated they set up radio stations, parties and built synthesizers to produce their own version of dance music; the results were totally unique. Word spread around the country as like-minded kids recognised the call to arms. Norwegian producers, record labels and DJs exported this ënewí dance music and the world embraced it with open arms. Disco, which had been a dirty word for so long was re-imagined with Norway in its DNA and producers were no longer kids in bedrooms but global superstars. Telling their story for the first time and three years in the making, the production team has travelled the length and breadth of Europe interviewing all the movers, shakers and music makers including Bjørn Torske, DJ Strangefuit, Mental Overdrive, Lindstrøm, Annie, Idjut Boys, Prins Thomas, Bryan Ferry, Mikal TellÈ, diskJokke, Doc L Junior, G-ha & Olle Abstract, Rune Lindbæk , SVEK Records, James Hillard (Horse Meat Disco), Joakim Haugland (Smalltown Supersound), Matt Anniss, Magnus International & Blackbelt Andersen and many more. Add to this jaw dropping drone footage from the Arctic Circle, unseen home video, stills and archive footage to film evokes struggle, emotion, inspiration and pure hedonistic enjoyment.