On October 13th, She Past Away released the new official video for ‘Katarsis‘, out of their latest l.p. ‘Narin Yalnızlık‘ (May 2015). A story directed & edited by Dimitris Chaz Lee, cast including William Maybeline and Joanna Pavlidou (Selofan/Fabrika Records), ‘dressed’ with the gothic post-punk music of the acclaimed band from Bursa.

She Past Away made a strong, sudden impact in the genre since 2012’s ‘Belirdi Gece‘, letting out their music as if they were veterans. Gothic grandiose and post-punk imposing songs like ‘Sanri‘, ‘Ruh‘ & ‘Soluk‘ put their name in the game, worthily booking live performances in Europe and getting their music included in fans’ favs and dj sets! Here’s ‘Katarsis‘…y’know loud!

Mike Dimitriou