Interview with Olivier Debard from the French band Dead Horse One, whose next album ‘Season Of Mist’ will be released on November 25th. They have worked with various labels but it’s with Requiem Pour un Twister, that they decided to cooperate for their next album, comprising of 10 tracks. But, tt was in 2014 when the marvelous ‘Without Love We Perish’ was released, produced by Ride’s Mr. Mark Gardener and we simply cannot forget this album, ‘pure honey’ for our ears, therefore, we are impatient to listen to their new one.

Thank you Olivier for accepting this interview. But before we talk about the upcoming album, please talk about yourself and the band’s creation; the meeting between you and the other members… 

Hi Julie and thanks for giving the floor! If I remember well, it was in 2009 when I wrote the first title ‘By My side‘. One day (in 2010) when some friends of mine came to spend time all around  with some beers, we played together and the band was born.

Which is your first memory about music? And your first concert gig ?

My first memory was  ‘Three Imaginary Boys‘ by The Cure and my first gig was Sparklehorse in 2001 (Lyon).

Your most beautiful musical meeting?

Didn’t happen yet… This is what gets things done

Which role represents music in your life? What is your daily connection to music ?

I think music is a universal language as well as mathematics, but this is only my opinion. However, music speaks to the heart, the sensations, people’s feelings. We try to play and compose as best we can.

What do you think about the progress of the band from the first EP to the second album going out next month?

We still play the same way. From my point of view, there is no fundamental evolution. Except, maybe, an orientation slightly more “shoegaze” but generally it is the same group playing and writing.

Who is composing?

Me, principally (for now) and Ludovik, our bassist, who wrote ‘Never Be Your Lover‘ from  ‘Without Love We Perish‘ and  ‘It’s Been A While‘ for the new album. Ivan, keyboard/guitarist also wrote a nice typically 60’s title, that we will probably record for the third album.

Two years ago, you worked with ‘Mister’ Mark Gardener, What can you recall from this cooperation?

Mark is a great man. We’ve been emailing each other a lot but unfortunately never met.

And so, now, the new album. Tell us when is it going to be released and by which label. Any upcoming gigs ?

The name of the new album is ‘Season Of Mist‘, produced by John Loring from Shoegaze band Fleeting Joys and mastered by Dave McNair. This album comes out on November 25 through Requiem Pour Un Twister with our management Dead Bees Records. Kartel Bertus will give it out. This album will contain 10 tracks and we’re planning a gig in Paris in November as well as other gigs around Europe, if all goes as intended, sometime around March/ April 2017.

Julie Aras