The month of May put its best foot forward as far as music is concerned. Big events are on and important releases, such asBurn the Witch‘ by Radiohead, are being made. Among them is an amazing cover of Rotting Christ’s ‘Lex Talionis‘ released in a collection made by a famous Greek metal magazine, celebrating the 30 years the internationally successful Greek band has been around. This cover is nothing like the Rotting Christ original; it has slower rhythm, as Villagers Of Ioannina City employ the bagpipe (even though traditional instruments are their trademark) to balance the seesaw between stoner and black metal giving us the opportunity to dive into the pagan mood of Rotting Christ. V.I.C.’s previous covers have been restricted to traditional songs — and a rebetiko one. In a time when I was wondering about their whereabouts and their activity as a band, they gave as a surprise with the above cover. This cover may be giving us a hint for an upcoming album. In the same tribute album there are works of George Kollias, Suicidal Angels, Ravencult, Battleroar, Embrace Of Thorns, Christfuck, Order Οf Τhe Ebon Hand, Agnosia, Sorrowful Angels, Soulskinner, The Psalm, W.E.B. and Primordial.

Makis Gevros