Serenity Broken is a hard rock/alternative metal band that formed in 2010 in Athens, Greece. Their first full-length album ‘Commercial Suicide’ was released in 2012. In 2013 they released the ‘Live ’n’ Unplugged’ EP and a digital single ‘Savior’ in 2015. On May 27th they appear at ILION Plus in Athens to promote their coming LP ‘Redefine’, which will be released the same day of the live show.

Tell us a few things about Serenity Broken. How did you guys meet, what were your visions about the band? Is the line-up the same since you started?

Hi Mary, Serenity Broken was formed in 2010. Me, Andy and Vic knew each other for years and used to hang out since we all come from the same area in Athens. Serenity Broken happened by coincidence, one day I was at Vic’s place to mess around with his drum kit and Andy showed up, so we started jamming and some of the very first songs came to be! Immediately we knew something good was happening so we formed the band! We all love music as a way to express ourselves and it all happened very organically! We have two new members in the band Chris Kollias on bass and Alex Keito on drums.

Do all members share the same musical influences? Can you mention some bands as your favorites, but not necessarily influence Serenity Broken?

We all listen to many different types of music and each member has their favorites. There are so many bands that have stayed with me over the years! From growing up with the sound of The Beatles in the house, Led Zeppelin to Dead Kennedys, Guns N’ Roses, the whole “Grunge” thing! Alter Bridge, Parkway Drive…. I can go on the whole day listing bands!!! I guess it depends on the kind of mood you are in!

When I first heard ‘Commercial Suicide’ the vocals immediately drew my attention. Apart from being exceptional, they give me this 90s rock feeling. Three bands came to my mind: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. Is Aris (vocals) influenced by this musical era?

Yup! But not only, I really like melody and emotion and rawness in the vocals. From whispering to growling, it really depends on the song and feeling. Its just what comes out when you’re writing a song I don’t aim to sound like something or someone otherwise it would not be real or true to heart.

Listening to your work I find many musical elements which belong to the general term of hard rock/alternative metal. I can hear alternative, grunge, stoner… What is the process when you compose, if it is possible to be described? Do you write the lyrics first and then create the music?

It is very difficult to describe the exact process again it depends on the song, but usually when I write it happens automatically, I grab a guitar a melody or riff pops in my head and I go with it. The basis of the lyrics usually goes hand in hand with the music, when I’m playing a riff I have the core melody in my head. Other times we get together with Andy and throw around each others riffs and see where they take us.

What are the lyrics mostly about and who is the main responsible for them?

All songs are different, some are about personal experiences, some are about emotions/fears/passions etc. We all go through many ups and downs in our life and the way we view things changes all the time. I try to capture a moments feeling and dive into it to find what creates that emotion. I am a fan of a bit more ambiguous lyrics so the listeners can find their own meaning and make those words their own base on their own experiences. When you hear the word “love” your interpretation and experiences are different from mine, the images and memories you are thinking are completely different but the words remain the same.

George Kollias from Nile has a guest appearance in your work. How did this collaboration occured?

George has been a friend and supporter for many years, and one amazing drummer! It was a no brainer to ask if he wanted to record the drums on the record. It was such a great experience too, we did not know exactly what to expect. I remember George saying right in the beginning that he would not play as George Kollias he would play for the bands style. We were going through some tracks with George and he wanted to “simplify” some parts!! Who? George one of the fastest drummers in the world!  He did such a great job and we are truly thankful!

On May 27th you play at ILION Plus in order to promote your next album ‘Redefine’. George Kollias will appear on stage as the drummer. Does he in some way belong to the band?

George is not a member of the band, he is a friend of the band. It has been so much fun working with George so we thought lets take that on stage!!!

Are there already plans for other shows or maybe a tour this year?

We plan to promote the record as well as we can, so there will be shows planed for this year!

Thank you for your time and good luck on your new album! Close this interview as you will!

Thanks I truly hope you enjoyed the album. Thanks for having us on Last Day Deaf it was great talking to you.

Mary Kalaitzidou