Secret Fires‘ is the result of a very specific choice, where three musicians decide that restraint can be far more effective than constant demonstrations of strength, in      a total  lack  of selfishness.

Michele Postpischl, a drummer with a delicate touch, Tato Izzia with his deep synths, and Francesca Bono’s velvet vocals, guitars and keyboards, aren’t afraid to show that vulnerability’s always lurking below the surface.

A work  of balance  and depth.

“Secret Fires” is all about what’s under the surface, it unfolds itself through images. As Howie B said: ‘Imagine someone running through the fields and getting bigger, bigger, BIGGER!!!

Eight tracks, 8 like oxygen atomic number, that is to say, something we breath, something that makes life possible. The album is inspired by the complexity of both nature  and human  nature,  by body  prayers  as well  as the loneliness  of the stars.


Francesca Bono (voice, guitar, synth)

Michele  Postpischl (drums)

Tato  Izzia  (bass  synth,  synth, electronics)

“On the calm black water where the stars are sleeping White  Ophelia  floats  like  a great lily

Floats  very slowly,  lying  in her long  veils”

Bologna-based trio Ofeliadorme (pronounced as “Oh-pheh-lee-ah-dohr- meh”), whose name is inspired by the Rimbaud’s poem “Ophelie”, have established themselves as one of the most refined acts of Italy’s independent scene.

Characterized by an alienating and intense sound at the crossroads between several genres (dream-wave, shoegaze, alt-rock, electronic, from Portishead to PJ Harvey through Low and HTRK), their lyrics     are minimal and sophisticated, highlighted by the sensual voice of Francesca Bono. Over the years the band managed to deliver many hypnotic songs, looking both at deconstruction and at a certain taste   for melody. On stage they impress for their sound and atmosphere. In 2009 they release the first EP, in pure DIY style, titled Sometimes It’s Better to Wait, mixed and mastered in Bologna by Francesco Donadello (Blonde Redhead, Dustin O’Halloran, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Efterklang, Offlaga Disco Pax, Moltheni…), and start touring outside Italy, with the first live shows in the UK.

Debut studio album All Harm Ends Here, mixed by Francesco Donadello, is released in 2011  and gathers the attention both of Italian and for-  eign press.

Sophomore album Bloodroot is dated 2013. It is artistically produced by the band in collaboration with Bruno Germano (Settlefish, Iosonouncane) featuring some Italian fellow musicians (Angela Baraldi, Vittoria Burattini of Massimo Volume,  Bruno Germano, Marcello Petruzzi, former  Blake/e/e/e, 33Ore and Franklin Delano, and Alberto Poloni of OTLS), and mastered by Carl Saff in  Chicago.

In 2013 the band attends Liverpool Sound City and is featured on Metropolis, broadcasted by ARTE (the French-German culture TV chan- nel), as representatives of the Bologna music scene.

In 2012, Howie B (Bjork, Tricky, Casino Royale, U2) remixes the song Paranoid Park (off the first LP All Harm Ends Here). Thus begins a rela- tionship with the famous Scottish producer and musician who then offers to produce, record and release their third album through his brand new label HB Recordings.

In 2014 the band’s sound is at a turning point. They release The Tale EP for Bologna’s Locomotiv Records: four tracks with a strong elec- tronic flavor inspired by the myth of Cupid and Psyche. It’s a further sound evolution from Lioness, a precious cover of Songs: Ohia that Ofeliadorme released on March 15th, 2013, just a day before Jason Molina died. Molina’s manager expressed gratitude and gave the sad news. Down that road, Ofeliadorme record their third album, Secret Fires,   in Wales (UK), with Howie B as artistic producer and Joe Hirst (Four Tet, Jarvis Cocker, DJ Shadow) as sound engineer. The album is mixed by Howie B and mastered by Frank Merritt.

In 2015 the band goes to China for their first tour outside Europe, after having played over the years in several countries: France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Belgium. Back from China, they release a B-side, Jupiter combined with a videoclip by Carlotta Piccinini and an EP with remixes by Italian electronic and experimental musicians: Alessandro Gulino, Ezra, Paul Iocca, Massimo Carozzi, Stromboli, White Raven and Lips Against the Glass.

Secret Fires, will be released in March 2017 through HB Recordings/ PIAS and licensed in Italy for Al-kemi Records/Warner.