On 16th March, Bestial Mouths revealed the video for ‘Worn Skin‘ (‘Heartless‘ LP 2016), directed by frontwoman Lynette Cereso, featuring Luna Vassarotti, shot by Clay Adakazaam. The film is fetish, following the lyrics “I am edible tho knots of tongues Worn Skin, at her back…” and arranged in black/white, maximizing the purpose in the scenario to capture the eye of the voyeur watching. As for the song, it is a melodic, astonishing and raw synthetic-driven piece of the craft of Bestial Mouths, aiming directly to the soul of darkwavers, EBM tribalistas and all who are keen on seductive singers’ stories (Siouxsie, Diamanda, Lydia etc). ‘Worn Skin‘ is not funny nor menacing, it is simply adorable in all audio/visual aspects so, dare and enjoy the truth!

On the other hand the band also released ‘(STILL) Heartless‘ LP (March 15) via Cleopatra records, a 12-track remixes album including 2 new tracks ‘Witchdance‘, ‘High Walls‘. Bestial Mouths music attracted electrocrafts like The Horrorist, Die Krupps, Zoe Zanias, to mention a few, and they have announced tour dates in US, Canada, Portugal… Pretty busy!

Mike Dimitriou