Screaming Females is one of the bands we should be flattered dealing with. The fact that they are fronted by the charismatic Marissa Paternoster is definitely a credit on its own. What’s the news then? Next month they kick off their 2016 tour. On this occasion, they are re-releasing their last year’s fabulous ‘Rose Mountain’ in a deluxe tour-only version, featuring b-sides we have never heard of again.

One of these is the hyper active ‘grungy’ anthem ‘Skeleton’ in which Marissa sings and spits the words like there’s no tomorrow. Like the new female Cobain.

Hey, this is 2016, this band is hailing from New Jersey, and not San Francisco and they are not signed to Sub Pop, but Don Giovanni Records. What the hell? Still haven’t hit the play button then?

Christos Doukakis