Blues Pills1

On 22nd July, Blues Pills unveiled the second official video ‘Little Boy Preacher’ from their second forthcoming LP, ‘Lady In Gold’, out on 5th August via Nuclear Blast. The international Sweden-based foursome sound more complete and mature than their first release in 2014. The song is a hard rockin’ blues track, fresh and polished, showing that their grapes have evolved on their own trademark tree and, as you may expect, it is groovy enough for the band’s high standards. It is obvious that they work a lot, they are talented and they truly believe in their star. The band had also announced a massive tour to support ‘Lady In Gold’. I think that the international rock press will welcome and cherish their new LP; after all, they deserve it. Please listen to the lyrics. I am happy to say that there are still rockers who believe in freedom and sing for it!

Mike Dimitriou