The debut album from Malmö’s post punk 4-piece Ra titled ‘Scandinavia‘ was among last year’s ‘best kept secrets’.

Their label, Adrian Recordings, has just released a short documentary, ‘Malmö Mentality‘, that follows the before, during and after the album release party.

A ‘crash course in RA-essentials’ and, above all, a closer look at the local punk scene: a sense of a down-to-earth community, a short-sighted and siesta-like way of life, a strict DIY ethos and close ties with electronic/techno music (Trentemøller remixed their track ‘Prism‘).

A bunch of childhood friends that have had to accept and live with  much sorrow and anger for the early death of the fifth member of the group, an ever-present tragic memory that influenced their sound— since then dirtier, rougher and frustrated.

In an era dominated by X-Factor-like TV music talent shows and fake, plastic commercial products, this one is definitely a healthy and inspiring viewing and the opportunity to re-discover a band we’re going to hear a lot more about.

Fabrizio Lusso