Jarvis Cocker and Neil Gaiman combined in the same sentence gets me excited as hell. A few months ago it became known that Jarvis Cocker had written the soundtrack for ‘Likely Stories’, a four-part TV series based on the short stories of author, and master of dreams, Neil Gaiman. ‘Likely Stories’ is due May 27 via Rough Trade in digital format.

In addition, it is now available as a 7” EP in the UK and on June 3rd in the States. Jarvis Cocker collaborated with Adrian Utley of Portishead and others for this album which is his first release since ‘Further Complications’ in 2009. Also, ‘Likely Stories’ will premiere on Sky Arts on May 26. Below you can see the album artwork and tracklist, listen to an excerpt from ‘Theme From ‘Likely Stories‘ and watch the trailer for the series.


Likely Stories‘ EP:

1. Theme From “Likely Stories”
2. Foraging
3.Looking for the Girl
4. Poor Babe in the Woods

Debbie Maliotaki