Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Francis Perizzolo, member and founder of Satanism Calibro 9.

An established reality in the Italian industrial scene and beyond; A very interesting project, in which the sound and the search for trials reach very high levels. We begin by thanking Francis for his time.

So Francesco, How was your project born?

Autumn/Winter 2005. We dismissed our band PK9 (maybe someone can remember it) and I had this idea. I recorded the first tracks on my own with the help of 3VOR (Northgate, Camerata Mediolanense) but the project rapidly evolved into a real band.

We may say that your music and your works follow with a great consistency a certain philosophy. True?

It’s not a philosophy but a consistent esoteric system. We have a “postmodern” approach, so we include themes from several and distant traditions. Anyway, the core of this system is original.

For more than ten years on stage and then with significant discography on your “luggage”. Which are your most representative albums?

Obviously the three “Rising” cds. Considering other aspects linked to the trilogy’s themes, I also can say that ‘Blood Coven’ represents an important synthesis. ‘Live In Vilnius’ is an important release too, cause it does testify about what we perform on stage – and it’s not karaoke.

What about your last release? 

As you know we produce different releases during a single year. About our full albums, ‘Kymah Rising’ closes the trilogy and it’s really our deepest work, both musically and from the conceptual point of view.We also recorded ‘Secret Rituals 3’ (on tape), a strange session with fire in an abandoned place, the day before Tower Transmission in Dresden.  There are also collaborations. Especially with Merzbow, Le Cose Bianche (L.C.B.) and N. among many others. What can you tell us about those? We haven’t released a collaboration with Merzbow: I remastered their split with The Haters (Milanese Bestiality/Drunk On Decay) originally released on lp.We recorded two cds with L.C.B. until today: ‘Guardami’ and ‘Scopami’. The third is on its way and I guess it’ll be released in the first half of 2017. I’m very proud about this collaboration cause Giovanni is a good friend and I love this “old” sound we spawned.N. is totally mad, and I’m a huge fan. Our collaboration ‘La Calda Estate Nera’ is something… just listen to it.There will be another collaboration soon, this time with Iugula Thor. I sent two months ago my files to Andrea, and he sent me back some weeks ago his vocals. I guess I never heard before something so morbid and evil in my whole life. Check it, we’ll release it soon.

Even your live shows are unique and full of attentions and details. Which is why we are curious how do you prepare for your live performance?

As you maybe know, Lorenzo lives far from Milano, so we had time to rehearsal just one time before X Congresso and one time before Vilnius Festival. Right now, we can count more live shows than rehearsal sessions ahahahaha. Anyway, the result is cool enough, cause Lorenzo perfectly fits in Satanismo Calibro 9. There’s not a big work before live shows: it’s almost all about concepts and feeling. I usually send messages to the others saying “This time our aim is XYZ, so come to the club in the right mood: you know what to do, and that’s all”.

Always staying on the theme performances: Reh Session is very interesting! What about it?

I guess you’re referring to the rehearsal session that took place in Vilnius the day before our show. We decided to record it cause we need to listen to it before the show. We added this session to the Vilnius tape cause the sound quality was good.

Any news about future projects or next live appearances?

I don’t know anything about future live shows. In the past we limited our live appearances to one/two shows every year. In the last year, from October 2015 to November 2016 we played in Bologna, Vilnius, Parma, Torino, Dresden, Kaunas, Padova and it’s enough for the moment. Anyway, it’s clear that I love playing on stage: we are now able to perform what we want, and we won’t say NO as we did in the past. So… feel free to get in touch hahahah.

A necessary question is about the Italian scene. What is your thinking in light of what has been possible (with big surprise) to see the last Congresso Post Industriale.

I can’t say anything about it.

Dulcis in fundis. We know that you’re a fan and also a master in the metal scene. Tell us about your new project Odaltyr…

Uhm, I’m not a master in the metal scene. Walter (Mortuary Drape) can be for example considered a master, but not me. I’m just a long time fan that used to play metal a lot of years ago. About Odaltyr, this summer – ok, not the proper period of the year, considering what I recorded, but that’s it – I was chilling with my guitar and a riff came to my mind. Then another one, and another, and so on. I composed and recorded an album in 20 days. I can’t play drums and my voice is shitty. My good friends :A Fog (Black Flame) and Plague (Hom Selvareg, Moral Values, and first vocalist of SC9) told me they were available to take part in this project, so in September the whole album was ready.  ‘Reborn from Pain (A New Understanding)’ deals with Helwegr, always from my postmodern point of view. It’s atmospheric, but our sound is really raw. We didn’t use triggers or other machines: only guitars, two pedals, a drum, a throat, and microphones. We released it through Iron Tyrant (an institution of Italian metal) on tape, cause I firmly trust in tapes’ strength in delivering a certain sound.

You can order it here.

Antonio Cristofaro