by Nick Bozinakis

In 1987, Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes founded the legendary indie pop label Sarah Records. In 1988, 12 singles and a flexi were released by Sea Urchins, Orchids, Another Sunny Day, 14 Iced Bears, Poppyheads, The Golden Dawn , Springfields, Field Mice and Christine’s Cat … I sat down to listen to them (along with the b sides, since most of them contained 3 or 4 songs) and then chose the five I liked most. (some of these can be found in the 1988 Shadow Factory collection).

The Orchids – Underneath the Window, Underneath the Sink

The Sea Urchins – Solace

Another Sunny Day – Anorak City

The Orchids – Give Me Some Peppermint Freedom

The Field Mice – Emma’s House

Sarah Records … continued … In 1989 the company released the singles from St Christopher, Another Sunny Day, The Golden Dawn, The Field Mice, Brighter, The Wake and The Orchids … The Temple Cloud collection released the following year contains a few songs from them. My 7 favorite ones follow …

The Wake – Carbrain

The Orchids – As Time Goes By

St. Christopher – All Of A Tremble

Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered

St. Christopher – You Deserve More Than A Maybe

The Field Mice – When Morning Comes To Town

The Field Mice – Sensitive

In 1990 Sarah Records released 15 singles from The Field Mice, Gentle Despite, Brighter, Action Painting, The Orchids, Eternal, The Sea Urchins, St. Christopher, Another Sunny Day, The Sweetest Ache, Even As We Speak. ..that  were gathered on the Glass Arcade collection released in 91 … ( 5 favorites from me).

Another Sunny Day – The Very Beginning

The Orchids – Farewell, Dear Bonnie

St. Christopher – Salvation

The Field Mice – So Said Kay

The Sweetest Ache – Heaven-Scented World

… In 1991, the label released 18 singles (and for the first time in 12 “inch format of The Field Mice and The Orchids) from The Springfields, Heavenly, The Orchids, Tramway, The Field Mice, Gentle Despite, St. Christopher, The Sweetest Ache, The Wake, Even As We Speak, Secret Shine, The Forever People, Blueboy, Brighter, The Hit Parade. Some of those were gathered in the Fountain Island collection released the following year. Following 5 of my favorites…

St. Christopher – Say Yes to Everything

The Wake – Major John

Blueboy – Alison

Tramway – Technical College

The Field Mice – Missing The Moon

… In 1992, Sarah Records released 11 singles from 9 bands: Even As We Speak, Another Sunny Day, Sweet Shine, The Rosaries, The Sugargliders, The Harvest Ministers, Blueboy, The Orchids and Brighter. The Engine Common (93) collection includes a bunch of them. Following my 5 favorite tracks.

The Rosaries – Leaving

Another Sunny Day – I Don’t Suppose I’ll Get A Second Chance

The Orchids – Thaumaturgy

The Harvest Ministers – Six O’Clock Is Rosary

Blueboy – Popkiss

.….to be continued….

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