1. Amanda Palmer – ‘Voicemail For Jill’ 

Inhale deeply, hold your breath, and then forget you’re holding it. The feeling of stillness, the realization you’ve been holding your lungs in place for far longer than you meant to, is the emotive vibe ‘Voicemail For Jill’ expresses. Simplistic with only Palmer’s voice and a piano, the track details her own abortion as well as the pain of others abortions, in just over five minutes, during a time when women’s reproductive rights – human rights – are a pressing issue.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Trupa Trupa – ‘Dream About

Dream About‘ is the first song by Trupa Trupa (translates to “Corpse Corpse“) from Gdańsk, Poland, while signed to Sub Pop. The legendary label announced the new deal and welcomes its new member, by sharing the new official video of the first recording and promised many more are about to come within 2019 by the European group. The psych rock band with post rock references and creative music experiments, exists since 2009 and found high recognition in their homeland Poland in 2015 for their album ‘Headache‘. An amazing bassline accompanies the following verses “No one, No way, No where, No one”, while the Super 8 format film of Benjamin Finger unfolds in front of us.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Voyager – ‘Brightstar’

Voyager from Perth, Australia are known for their modern take of progressive metal and their impressive live performance. After signing recently with Season Of Mist, they released the single ‘Brightstar‘ on March 1st.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Aesaire – ‘Flight

Hope you are ready for some spectacular, cinematic idm from Malaysia! Aesaire is bold enough to mix in this great piece of electronic music, apart from idm, synthwave, ambient and dubstep and makes the ‘Flight‘ a gem destined for repeated listening… As the press reads this track is about man’s early journeys above the clouds. our daily trips above the clouds…. Daydreaming!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Kinestatics – ‘Till the End of the World’

Happy to feature the debut single off a debut EP. Which one? The group is called Kinestatics, a London-Berlin based electronica/trip hop duo by Steven Rutter (B12) and Karla Hajman (Stereochemistry). ‘Till the End of the World‘ will directly transport you to the Golden 90’s era, when trip-hop was hot, and massive acts like Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack served the genre. However, Kinestatics sound still fresh and innovative and this richly textured gem is glowing with quality, so you better not miss it!

The song is taken off ‘Labyrinth EP‘ released on Firescope Records.

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros, Eleftheria Gesou, Mary Kalaitzidou &  Christos Doukakis