Dream pop, slow jam ‘LoveStory‘ is the new single by Sarah P., out of her debut album ‘Who Am I‘ (out now via EraseRestart). The video was filmed by the award-winning director Eftychia Iosifidou and features Sarah and Clio Arvaniti. Friendship and sisterhood are two of the key themes of the video. What we witness is an unbreakable bond between two girls who no matter how far they are, they’ll always be close. “I like to think of it as the perfect day – a love story to last,” says Sarah. A heart-warming video, reassuring that when you give, you’re most likely going to get something back.

“LoveStory” is dedicated to those who, after experiencing hard times in their lives, got to find true bliss through someone or something and managed to let go of their infelicitous past. It’s also addressed to that special someone or something that lightens up our days. “You’re the one. I’m the earth and you’re my sun,” Sarah sings, well knowing that love is an essential part of our lives. “It’s a love song that can be sung to a mom, dad, child, sibling, friend, pet, lover; whomever/whatever’s cheering you up needs to receive this love letter,” she shares.